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Conversation is crucial to your success in life which is why I have to teach you exactly how to improve your conversation skills.

1. Read Books on Conversation

Conversation all starts back at home with education. If you’re not constantly educating yourself by reading, you’re missing out on a hell of a lot of conversation opporitunity.

I’m not talking about a video that will sink out of your head five minutes later. I’m talking about a cold book.

2. You Gotta Grow Your Knowledge With Practical Methods

Khan Academy, Udemy, Yousician, Doulingo, Food Network for crying out loud people!

Come on here. The internet is a humongous source of knowledge waiting for you to use and unlock. If you’re not taking advantage of the wide amount of knowledge on the internet, you’re missing out big time.

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3. Use the 80/20 Rule

Blah blah blah. You won’t stop talking and it’s making you look like a follower and not a leader.

Try to get the other person to talk using the least amount of words to get them to open up.

It’s not about you in conversation, it’s about them.

4. Improve Your Charisma

You’re charisma game is weak and it’s making people not like you as much as they should.

Developing charisma will make people feel good in your energy and they’ll keep coming back for more because they know you’re an awesome guy to be around.

Have a positive energy around you.

5. Learn to Be Magnetic

If you’re not magnetic, you’re repelling everyone away from you or not pulling anyone towards you.

Doing something as simple as smiling or improving your style can go a long way, believe me.

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6. Where’s the Voice Inflection? VOICE INFLECTION??!!

You’re super monotone and boring. Don’t be super monotone and boring!

You’re an amazing, awesome person with lots of interesting stories to tell so talk with ENERGY people.

7. Where’s the Expression?

Story telling is like acting. A lot of expression is needed to get the audience on your side.

Act with the expressions of what you’re talking about and make sure your face matches up.

8. What happened to the Hand Motions?

Open hands with the palms faced up typically work best.

By using hand motions and expression, as well as voice inflection, you make people wan’t to actually listen to you (which is what you want).

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9. You Gotta Assert Your Dominance with Body Posture

Body posture is viewed as a reflection of your confidence level and interest in the conversation.

By slouching, you look like a bum.

By sitting tall, you look like a man.

You tell me who you want to be.

10. Try Out My Supa Hot Conversation Starters

Supa hot conversation starters will make sure that you’re always striking conversations not matter where you go.

Memorize 20 solid conversation starters and you’ll make it to big places in life.

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11. Learn to Defuse Heated Conversations with Humor

Listen man, let’s say you screwed up and now everyone hates you.

Maybe something really terrible happened or everyone’s mood is down.

Knowing how to be humorous in tough times will make you instantly that much more awesome, by saving the day like a real man.

12. Learn to Make People Open Up to You

The goal in conversation is generally to get you and the other person on the same page.

Learn to be a therapist in conversation and you’ll be pretty much killing it.

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13. Learn How to Gain the Trust of Others

Trust is an extremely powerful thing.

It can give you allies to support you along your path.

Build the trust and alongside it will come your allies who will help you along your path.

Those my friends are the 13 tips that I have compiled for you today, to make sure that you’re conversation game is always incredible. Good luck out there guys.