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Honestly I don’t know why you’re looking up jeans in the summer (which is when i’m writing this) but who am I to judge?

Shorts are what you want to wear in the summer, but maybe it’s a little colder or you don’t have jeans and want some.

I gotcha man and i’m going to help you to make sure that you’re always rocking the sleekest jeans on the market in 2018.

My name is Jeremy George and today i’m going to be telling you 3 incredible pairs of jeans that every guy should own. I hand selected them so thank me by subscribing to the site.

When is the Best Time to Wear Jeans?

If the weather is around 70 or below, you may want to wear them accommodate for the temperature.

Maybe it’s above 70 and you want to dress up your regular look, a little better than shorts.

Jeans may also be your option to stand out.

asian man sitting against the wall in black clothes style with watch realmanpop therealmanpop well dressed

Typically though, you want to be dressing so that you’re functional and then style should come second.

You don’t want to be in a layered outfit because it’s stylish when it’s a roasting 98 degrees outside.

Jean #1: The Super Clean, Light Wash Jean (Possibly with the Knees Blown Out)

Every guy should own at least one pair of light wash jean. If it’s a hotter season, consider one with the knees already blown out.

These kind of jean with the knees blown out, are not only stylish, but also functional.

They allow for amazing circulation so that you’re not cooking alive in the hot weather.

Every guy should own at least one pair of light wash jean to keep things different and interesting in their wardrobe.

dark pants shoes walking on bridge realmanpop therealmanpop

Jean #2: A Sleek, Seamless, Dark Wash Jean

Woooooo!!! Ow!

Dark wash jeans are the way to go if you want to kill it on any night.

Dark wash jeans compliment anyone. There isn’t a single guy out there who doesn’t look good in a dark wash jean.

If you don’t own a dark wash pair of jean, you’re missing out completely.

I recommend the dark wash jean to anyone and everyone, simply for their incredible, unbeatable versatility.

I mean you can pair them up with anything.

Jean #3: Trendsetter? Go Get a Pair of White Jeans

Not everyone has the balls to pull off this look and that’s a fact.

Believe me, if you nail the fit on white jeans, they will look incredible on you.

This especially works good for darker skinned people because the dark skin is complimented by the white jean.

Not everyone out there can rock white jeans so if you can rock them, you will be extremely memorable, looking like a boss.

Make sure you especially buy this if you’ve been shying away from them.

Once one guy wears it, the rest will follow, and then they won’t be special anymore, they’ll be regular and boring like the basic blue jean.

Be interesting. Be bold. Be awesome.

These gentlemen, are the three men’s jeans of 2018 that every single guy out there should own. Jeans are a staple to men and every single one of them should own all three pair of jeans, mandatory.

That should be a state law.

Make sure if it’s summer, that you’re not one of those guys who are scared to rock shorts.

Check out our short tutorial to make sure that you’re killing it in the short department.

Best of luck gents. Stay sharp.