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So here’s the deal. Conversation is not the easiest thing and so many people struggle with the thing.

You know, conversation used to be the thing that I was worst at, no joke.

I literally couldn’t talk about anything to anyone and my conversation starters were absolutely junk.

I want to make sure that you’re conversation game is on point so that you’re always striking up the greatest conversation no matter where you go or what you do.

That’s why I have decided to release some of the greatest conversation starters known to man to make you the greatest possible conversationalist that you can ever be.

1. “You know what’s one of the greatest things in the world to do?”

Boom. This one right here is a solid one because it interests the person. The key thing that I said here is “you know….”

That one phrase alone will intrigue the person you’re sitting next to.

What I recommend doing though is saying something that their likely to connect with.

Throw in your favorite hobby or something, like: watching a DC movie or going to Hawaii.

Once you’ve done this, be extremely descriptive and passionate on whatever you’re about to say next.

Try to allow them to conversation inside your conversation and go from there. The possibilities to this one are endless.

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2. “How do you feel about ______?”

This one is extremely effective on women especially and will literally make them talk for ages.

The reason why this one works so well is in the word “feel”.

By asking how she FEELS about something, you allow her or him to talk from the heart which will make them more open to you.

Just make sure whatever you’re asking about is relevant.

3. The classic “You won’t believe what happened to me ____(yesterday or some other time period)____”

This one allows you to open up straight into a story and tell an awesome story.

Typically I like to tell funny stories with this line but you can do whatever floats your boat.

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4. “What’s your favorite type of music?”

This conversation starter is sort of going to require you to have a little bit of knowledge on music.

Knowledge is key to all conversations so make sure that you’re constantly educating yourself so that you have the edge in every conversation.

5. “Did you hear about the _____?”

This one works when the person never even heard about the thing that you’re going to say.

The way that you said it will make them want to listen allowing you to come in with a story that let’s them bounce back with tons of other questions.

6. “Do you have a vision for the future?”

This is not the question that you ask someone right off the bat. Instead this is a question you ask someone who you’ve been talking to for a bit of time now.

This question will tell you if the person you are talking to is a visionary and you should stay with them or if they are not and they have no dreams.

7. “You know what’s the greatest thing about you?”

This one is a compliment conversation starter and it will bring you up in their eyes by at least 1000%. No that was not a typo.

Talk about their good character and they will love you.

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8. “What’s the coolest thing you did this week?”

This one might get answered with an “I don’t know.” But that only happens when the person doesn’t like you.

If that happens, they don’t care about what they say to you, but this typically makes the person thing of something interesting allowing you to bounce of that into a conversation on their life.

9. “Where do you want to live when you grow up?”

This one will require a general understanding of the places in the world so that you can add on to their answer.

For example, they bring up the desert. If you can talk about some cool desert things, this can start into an awesome conversation.

10. “You play any instruments?”

This one has allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people and get into their personal lives.

This question can be branched out in so many ways if they are musicians like: “what made you do that?” “gotta favorite instrument?” “going to pursue that rest of your life or something else?”

These are all intresting conversation starters to get into their hobby and unlock greater, higher level conversations.

One thing I know for sure is that all of these conversation starters work, just like everything else on my blog.

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