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So with all the hype in clothes recently, I thought that it would probably be a good idea Forever 21 since it’s a name brand clothing company.

I’ll pretty much say if they are a good idea to buy or not, and who Forever 21 is meant for.

As a men’s stylist, it is my duty to let y’all know the latest on men’s clothing and if it’s worth your buy or not. Right?

I did some research on Forever 21 and actually, their stuff is trending pretty big right now.

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This is me personally checking out Forever 21 and they’re actually doing pretty outstanding right now, being the 3rd most searched brand on Google as of June 18, 2018.

This means in search popularity, Forever 21 is kicking the butts of AE, Old Navy, Gap, and many other popular retailers that you may shop at.

They’re on the same level as Gucci in search popularity meaning this isn’t just any old off brand over here. This is Forever 21.

Looking off the storefront of the site, the target audience is generally women but when looking at the men’s section, we see that it’s actually more of a hype beast kind of trendy clothing.

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One thing I’m going to say though from the look of the site is that this definitely is not your essentials and you should definitely not shop here first.

If you don’t have many essential clothes like plain t-shirts and multiple shades of jeans and normal sneakers and things like that, I suggest you check out places like Gap, AE and Old Navy, along with regular shoe stores.

As far as I’m concerned, the clothes that I’m seeing from this website are more of those kinds of clothes that you use to spike up your outfit. If you want to look fresh, Forever 21 (online store) might be your place to shop at.

Some of the clothing here does look a bit feminine which I’m not a huge fan of so make sure you have a good eye for choosing the right clothes.

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Since it’s summer I thought that it would be a good idea to check out their short options since it’s pretty important that you’re not wearing jeans or pants in this heat.

Honestly i’m impressed with the diversity and originality in each of the shorts but honestly, I know this can be pretty overwhelming to someone who is just getting into men’s style.

Here are some cool looking short’s that I notice right off the bat.

  • Those jean shorts are pretty trendy in 2018 but they look too tight for my tastes so I’m going to look for another short
  • Those ripped white shorts on the bottom look really nice because they have texture
  • The dark navy shorts look really nice too and would work if you have a darker skin. I suggest the shorts should be slightly above the middle of knee level (a little lower then what they’re showing here)

Notice that out of 10 shorts, I went with only 3 shorts. See what I mean? You’re going to feel pretty overwhelmed but if you keep your eye on versatile shorts first, you won’t be so overwhelmed.

What I think about Forever 21 Men’s Shorts

Out of 10, I would give the shorts here a 10/10 for options but a 5/10 for the actual style.

Honestly, a lot of shorts here are pretty ugly for regular wear though if you look carefully, you can find some nice finds. Around 7 out of 10 of the shorts here are outrageously ugly but at the same time, there are some shorts here that you can’t really find anywhere else.

For that reason, I would suggest taking the time to look through the shorts here and pick out some decent shorts for yourself.

Next Up are the Forever 21 Button-Shirts

So these ones were actually just as crazy as the shorts.

I looked through the shirts over here and here’s what I got to say about them.

Most of the shirts here are so ugly and near impossible to actually rock.

I mean, look at them for yourself.

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The top selection of shirts was honestly hard to look at with all the tiny patterns on them. I’ve seen a good amount of guys try to rock them but not many have yet been successful. The white shirt on the bottom middle actually looks pretty clean.

Same goes for the top middle 3 shirts. They all look pretty good too and I once again think they are a steal for the price. The polo isn’t bad but I wouldn’t pick it up, simply because I’m not a fan of knit polo shirts.

The price at this store is honestly unbeatable which is why I highly recommend that you check it out and keep your eyes keen for steals like these.

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Forever 21 T-Shirts

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Forever 21 Shoes

So after checking out Forever 21 and feeling alright about the shirts and the shorts, I was literally blown away by the shoes they got over here.

Some of the shoes below the expensive ones at the top were at incredible prices. I mean the sneakers were just as expensive as your regular $100 sneaker but check out what I found in the picture below this one.

You won’t believe it.

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The running shoes look like your normal expensive running shoes and some of these were arguably ugly sneakers but what I found below these sneakers were pretty impressive to me.

Looking at this page though, those knit sneakers were pretty trendy back in 2017 which honestly isn’t too long ago and you can still probably rock them though I wouldn’t buy them from here. I would go to Nike for knit sneakers.

I’m not a slide kind of guy so the slides didn’t really interest me.

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I mean $17 shoes like these forever 21? That’s awesome. These kind of sneakers are super versatile and even if they break or whatever, no big deal, they were literally only $17 dollars. Forever 21, if anything has a pretty awesome taste in fashion sneaks so make sure that you check their shoes out.

It honestly was a pretty good selection and I was impressed.

They have some really crazy good sneakers below here like fine leather sneakers, quality all white shoes (which are extremely trendy and you should buy ASAP).

Not bad Forever 21, not bad.

Overall Critique of Forever 21

So after checking out the website store for a bit and doing some research on the company as a whole I have come to the following conclusion for all you guys out there who are questioning whether or not you should buy Forever 21.

Forever 21 has some key pieces that you cannot buy in pretty much any other store. The shorts are pretty nice and the shirts are alright but look pretty trendy in the summer.

The shoes are honestly killers over here, though I personally don’t recommend shopping at the store because you probably won’t find many men’s clothes there like you do online.

Definitely check out this brand if your anywhere from 15 to College Years Old.

If you agree with this review or don’t write to me what you think down in the comments. I’d love to hear your reply on my critique on the Forever 21 men’s section.

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