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Style hacks are quicker methods of getting you the style that you need in record time and luckily for you, I got the hacks that will send you to style Valhalla.

I have compiled a spicy and simple list of these style hacks to ensure that your style is always hacked.

This way, you’re always looking fresh as can be, no matter what.

You will cut the time of good looks so you can accomplish other great things and improve your life. Listen up because these style hacks will literally save your life.

Style Hack #1: Ice cubes = Begone Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a problem that every man faces and they make everyone look sloppy and unkept.

If you want to look clean, wrinkles are something you NEVER want to have but who the hell really has time to iron? Yeah right.

Here’s what you’re going to want to do.

Throw 2 ice cubes into your dryer and run your shirt and pants in there for a bit.

Do whatever you have to do and when you come back, I assure you that over 80% of the wrinkles will be gone.

Just like that, you’re looking ALREADY 80% fresher than you were before.

man smiling with coffee in hand without unibrow relamanpop therealmanpop

Style Hack #2: Try Using a Tad Bit of Moisturizer in Your Hair & Skip The Product

Using hair product every single day will ultimately strip your hair of it’s natural oils and make it look weak and dry. If your the kind of guy who uses product every single day, consider this one.

Try using a little bit of moisturizer instead of hair product and see how it works out for you.

Ever hair type is different so this may or may not work out for you.

If it does work, you’ll have a nice natural look.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t work out, you’re hair will be greasy like your from the 80’s and nasty. Give it a try on the weekend and see how it works out for you.

Style Hack #3: Wash All Your Clothes Inside Out?

You want to protect your style and make sure that you’re always looking fresh, right? Style hacks like these are actually going to save your life.

By turning your clothes inside out when you wash them, you will wash the sweaty part exclusively, cleaning the pant thoroughly and maintaining the look of the original denim or whatever material it is.

I mean, if there is a stain on the shirt, you probably don’t want to do this but assuming that the clothes are just sweaty, this hack is going to be your best friend.

man talking to woman well dressed having conversation realmanpop therealmanpop using his conversation skills

Style Hack #4: Fixing a Trash Zipper That Refuses to Zip

I don’t know if this problem has ever happened to you but it sure has happened to me.

This one time I bought a $300 AE jacket and it looked extremely nice. It was like the most fire street wear jacket you’ve ever seen in your life. What happened however was the jacket wouldn’t zip up.

The zipper looked super high quality but it wouldn’t zip up. I was pretty much never wearing it UNTIL I FOUND THIS EPIC TIP OUT.

Get some lip balm or candle wax or something like that and rub it along the zipper.

Like magic, it will zip up after it has been lubricated. Instant fix.

Style Hack #5: Replacing Metal Hangers for Beveled Wooden Ones

Not many people know what this one will do or what is the problem with metal hangers. I’ll tell you what’s up.

Thin metal hangers will over time stretch out the clothing that’s on them due to gravity + the weight of the original clothing.

Pretty much, you’re going to end up with these things called shoulder nipples. This pretty much causes these little spikes to form on the shoulders of your clothing when you wear them.

They do not look pretty. Trust me.

Replace your hanger for a quality rounded beveled wooden hanger that is thick and you’re clothes will never have shoulder nipples again. Promise.

Style Hack #6: Using Starch When Ironing

I’m pretty new to ironing and if your a teen like me, you probably have never ironed or are a beginner to ironing. Ironing is crucial to getting that crisp look on your shirt when you gotta wear a buttoned shirt so you gotta learn it.

By using the secret chemical of starch, your clothing will be looking crisp just like a GQ model.

If you iron without the starch, you’ll be pretty disappointed when you see that you’re clothes for some reason still have a little bit of wrinkles. It’s because your not using starch.

Make sure you look up how to properly use starch and you’ll be in good shape, and your clothes will be looking super fresh.

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