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Gold chains are awesome things and they work extremely well with colored skin people because they contrast their skin tone very well and highlight their features.

They pretty much are like Jordans for your neck, but here’s the deal. Not everyone was blessed with the money to afford the gold chain. I get that and they are absolutely not essential…

Some people, on the other hand, have the money to buy the gold chain and I’m going to tell you what you should consider if buying the gold chain.

Would the Gold Chain Look Good on Me?

Most likely because gold chains honestly look good on pretty much anyone out there. There isn’t a guideline or checklist for who should and who should not wear the gold chain.

I’m just saying that darker skinned people look exceedingly good in gold chains, I mean that’s why all the Indians have so much gold. We’ve already discovered the secrets thousands of years ago.

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Would I get Robbed?

Possibly so that’s why you have to consider buying the chain and put some thought into it. 

live in a middle-class area and have been wearing my chain since 6th grade and believe me, I have never felt threatened that someone was going to steal my chain so you should be fine unless you’re living in the hood. In that case, you probably should not wear the chain to avoid death.


  • Every outfit you put together will automatically be elevated
  • Never-ending stream of compliments
  • Features are highlighted
  • Lasts literally the rest of your life because gold NEVER goes out of style.


  • You might get robbed
  • You could get scammed easily from these American gold sellers
  • The chain could get cold and then when you put it on it’s like an ice cube
  • If you lose it, you just lost a grand or two

So as we can see here the pros obviously outweigh the bars in the light, gold bars on white background, gold, relamanpop, gold chain, gold , therealmanpop

The Best Place to Buy Your Gold Chain

Please, whatever you do, do not buy a gold chain from America. I’m telling you, you will get scammed no matter what.

Do you want a good deal on your Gold without getting completely ripped off? Here’s what you got to do.

Take a trip to India whether it’s on vacation or something or ask one of your Indian friends to take you there. Trust me, we’d be happy to.

Once you’re in India, go to a gold shop over there and buy from there because the price difference is literally unbelievable.

While I don’t have statistics, gold in India is actually so much cheaper than buying gold in America. It’s one of those secrets that only Indians know so make sure you get your gold chain in India.

What Style of Gold Chain Should I buy?

Buy a simple design that is timeless. This means you shouldn’t be getting some kind of gold design that looks tacky or overly designed. Personally, I own a simple breaded chain that looks pretty much like a thick gold string that leads down to a simple cross made out of two gold sticks.

I’m not worried about my gold design going out of style for thousands of years and I know that this is something that I can pass down to my kids without the fear of it becoming old.

Simple, well designed gold necklaces are timeless and will take your style to the next level.

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How Much Should You Spend on Gold Jewelry?

Once again, this is the absolute last thing on your list that you should be buying and you should only buy it if you have an extreme excess of money that you have nothing better to do with (cough cough, charity).

I recommend investing in a couple thousand dollar pure gold 24 karat piece of gold but if you can’t afford it, that’s alright, it’s not mandatory for anything.

So I think that I gave you a pretty fine idea of what you should be looking for when trying to find gold jewelry. If you want to upgrade your style even more, subscribe to my blog and in 30 days, you will ascend from a mere mortal to a god.