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So your handshake got rejected and you don’t really know what to do anymore. You’ve lost your way and you don’t know how to get out of this rut. Am I right?

Statistics show that 79% of men by the age of 20 will experience the agony of a failed handshake. I do not want my homeboys to be that man. You will not be that man because Jeremy George is looking out for you and I got your back.

I want to make sure that not a single person from the RealManPop ever has to suffer such a terrible fate. You will soar in the world of handshakes and you will never fail because today I’m going to be telling you how to recover from a failed handshake.

In a previous blog post, I covered how to recover from a failed high five if you don’t remember, after I had suffered the tragedy of a failed high five one day in the library.

man extending hand in suit to give a high five handshake realmanpop therealmanpop

Then recently I was meeting this one man who was about middle-aged without much of his hair on his head. I was greeting him and extended my hand muscles forward to give him the handshake.

Then it happened.

Right then and there he rejected my handshake and proceeded to walk out of the door like nothing ever happened. This will not be you and I’ll make sure of that which is why I came up with tactics to get you out of this bad situation, onto the streets of handshake success.

  1. The “Oh you’re one of those…” approach

This tactic comes from the infamous reddit user, vulgarity_disparity and it is a timeless approach when you really think about it. This one phrase will turn the tables of handshaking on your opponent and make him/her collapse in embarrassment that they rejected your handshake.

They will literally fall to the ground and turn to dust if you say this one phrase.

Saying such an awesome phrase like this will make the other person look like an antisocial nutcase allowing you to be victorious in the battle of the handshakes.

  1. The Forced Handshake

I will not take handshake rejection and you shouldn’t either. Your pride is on the line here and you will not fall victim to a failed handshake. I’ll make sure of that.

What you’re going to want to do is literally grab the other person’s hand, and shake their hand despite the fact that they rejected you.

I want you to go after their hand and rip it off their body and proceed to handshake.

See how this reddit user proposes on how to deal with handshake rejection like a god.

  1. “Pretend you were at step 7 of La Macarena.” ~Sweetmilk_dancing, group dancing realmanpop therealmanpop

This one is absolutely genius because not only are you defeating your enemies with the macarena but you are also flexing on your opponent with your fire dance moves.

You are showing them that there was never a handshake to reject in the first place because it wasn’t a handshake. It was the Macarena.

  1. The ultimate mind game

This one is going to show your craftiness at its peak so listen up carefully. What you’re going to want to do is extend your hand and when they rejected your hand,



just leave it in the air and continue to make stern eye contact with them. This will cause them to eventually give in and shake your hand.

At this point, while they are going to return your handshake, you pull your hand out of the way and run it through your hair, saying “too slow…”

The tables have been officially turned hardcore on this one and now they are the ones left hanging and you are the alpha of the situation. Your welcome.

  1. Knock Their Block Off

man jumping about to kick because he did not get a high five boxing realmanpop therealmanpop

This one is going to require a little bit of previous Judo experience but don’t worry, i’m sure you can pull it off with a little manly gusto and a whole lot of determination.

When he rejects the handshake, your going to sweep his leg and go for the takedown.

There are honestly many ways to do this. You can punch him in the jaw but that’s pretty lame in all honesty. I personally prefer the body slam but you can do whatever floats your boat and gets the job done.

Make sure that if your doing it you put your whole body into it and flip the guy literally through the ground in the takedown. If you can pull it off they’ll never juke your handshake again, my guarantee.

man laughing off a failed high five old man realmanpop therealmanpop

Those friends are my top 5 ways to counter a failed handshake, make sure you remember them and practice them by yourself or with a friend religiously so when the day comes, you will be prepared.

Stay fresh guys and subscribe to the blog for other incredible life advice and style tips for guys.