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I’ve owned two suede shoes in my life and as I am writing this i’m actually wearing a suede shoe from Adidas.

These super shoes have served me pretty well in the past and that’s why it is absolutely crucial to take good care of them.

Just like you take care of your car, you take care of your house, you have got to take care of your shoes.

The number one tip is Never get a suede or chelsea boot wet.

Unless you want a Hiroshima and a Nagasaki to happen on your boot, I suggest that you never do this crime against humanity.

What happens when you get water on a suede shoe?

Water on a suede shoe will damage the suede because suede is extremely weak to water.

Think of a suede shoe like a pokemon card and water is it’s weakness that does 60% increased damage to your shoe.

That water will infiltrate your shoe and will deteriorate the suede.

Right now the suede is in pretty good shape and it’s looking fresh and clean.

When you get the water on your shoe, it will open up the solid pact suede and it will look like an open pine cone.


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Two things you must avoid when wearing suede shoes

  • Washing your shoes in water trying to clean them
  • Putting your shoes in the washer machine
  • Jumping in puddles
  • Walking in puddles

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Trust me and thank me later by subscribing, this tip will literally save your life, your shoes, and your wallet.

So how do I protect myself against suede damage?

Don’t worry, I got a solid solution for your problem.

There are suede coat protection sprays that you can buy from the store or on of course. These things are going to be a solid investment for your suede shoe because you don’t want to spend a Benjamin on a shoe just to have it get destroyed by the water.

Get the spray, save your life, save your wallet, save the day.