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So here’s the deal. We’re living in a time period right now where everyone is too scared to make their own move. Actually, cross that out, it’s always been like that.

I don’t want you to be too scared to step out from the white socks crowd pack. You’re better than that. You aren’t like the rest of these white sock hooligans.

There are a few problems with wearing white socks that only patterned sock people understand.

  • They look super basic
  • You take off your shoes and you got a dirty, nasty layer underneath.
  • You kill the outfit and not in a good way

I mean white socks have their place, don’t get me wrong.

I personally many plain whites so they aren’t evil but they should be evolved from.

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Think of it as a vanilla ice cream. Sure it tastes good but you haven’t experienced real ice cream until you’ve tried all the other flavors.

Step out of the box, get different socks.

So what kind of socks should I buy exactly?

Off the top of my head, there are a few kinds of socks out there.

You got your basic whites,

Black dress ones,

White and black patterned,

Colored dress,

And finally, wool.

Then there are different variations such as:

The no-show,

The ankle,

The, my socks go all the way up to my calves socks,

And the above ankle.

Then you got all the sock brands out there such as



Under Armour?

American Eagle?



Ralph Lauren

And the list keeps going on,

This obviously makes a loooot of sock combinations but which one should you choose?

So you pretty much want to evolve from the boring sock so here is going to be your criteria for getting the sock.

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The [Official] Sock Guide for Choosing the Best Sock That is Not White for Men

  1. What store best matches my pre-existing style?
  2. Are my outfits pretty neutral or are my clothes crazy colors?
  3. Do I have the guts to be rocking such a crazy sock?
  4. Are these socks for athletic wear, casual wear, or formal wear?
  5. You should get a sock you don’t have. Did you get calf socks? Go pick up the ankle ones, idk maybe try the no-shows if you’re going bold.

If you follow the official sock criteria, you will be looking super fly no matter what literally and you will take your style game to the next level. Trust me on that.

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