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There are 7.5 billion people in this world.

And in the last 4 years, mediocrity and procrastination have QUADRUPLED, and 20% of the population is affected by it.

Think about how many people are not going to achieve their dreams this year or next year. Hell, they may never achieve their dreams in their whole lives

This will not be you. I will not let this be you. 

We are the RealManPop. A select breed of individuals who will overcome mediocrity and succeed past all other people.

Now let’s figure out where you are destroying your life, stop doing that, and propel your lives past all others.

7 Reasons Your Mind is Rotting With Mediocrity

1. Poor Lifestyle Decisions


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The wrong lifestyle choices can absolutely demolish your life unless you take control of your lifestyle choices for the better.

What do I mean?

Here’s what I mean. The amount of time that you spend educating yourself compared to the amount of time that you seek out entertainment is actually unbelievable.

Don’t make the wrong lifestyle choices. Constantly seek out knowledge, constantly seek out improvement. Realize where you are in life right now and what got you there.

Then Make the Change.

2. Hiding From Exposure to Greatness

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Have you ever taken the time to step out of your house?

That may be out of the console or out of the computer.

When was the last time that you spent hanging out with friends outside of the work environment?

When was the last time you hanged out with chicks or explored the environment outside of school?

You don’t realize how awesome victory is until you’ve had a taste of it. Then you will not settle for anything less.

3. Starting Your Day Wrong

Do you wake up with a hangover?

Without an alarm?

Or maybe you just wake up and go downstairs without taking a shower and without making your bed.

When you miss the most basic things, how the hell do you even begin to expect that you’re going to accomplish the hard, difficult tasks? You won’t, which is why it’s crucial have a set morning routine.

4. Not Knowing Your “Why”

Seeking around life aimlessly is no different than not having a purpose.

It really hurts when you want to accomplish something but you don’t even know where to start.

What most people do is they writhe in their own despair, not knowing where to start.

It’s that feeling of guilt when you know that you’re not doing anything productive that tell’s you that there is something for you that has to be done.

You will not be satisfied, rather you will be aimless if you do not figure out you’re why.

Think deep and hard about what compels you. It might be a tragic event in the past. Something painful that happened in your life.

Use that to drive you.

Do not let your mind rot with mediocrity. Find you’re why by using something that compels you to your advantage.

This will give you the unwavering, burning determination to get anything done.

5. Hanging Out With Cancerous People

man jumping about to kick because he did not get a high five boxing realmanpop therealmanpop

Do not let the wrong people in your life because they will weigh you down.

Who are the wrong people?

The wrong people in your life are the people who don’t believe in you.

Do not let these people stop you. Do not let these people crush you.

The faster you remove the weight, the sooner you can start hustling to success.

6. You Consume the Wrong Information

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Go look at your internet history. NOW.

Don’t be a coward. Confront it like a man.

Now I’m going to tell you exactly what Patrick Bet David told me. Go look there with your face and tell me How much of the history is educational and how much of the history is entertainment. If 50% or more is entertainment, you will not succeed.

Your not serious and this is causing your mediocrity.

Do not settle for pathetic mediocrity.

You’re better than mediocrity. You are a champion and wasting time was never something designed for you.

7. Addiction is Draining You

Addiction can be to Anything, and that’s why I’m not going to go in depth onto this one.

You know what your addiction is and if you don’t want to confront it, well you don’t have to.

Winners in life confront their problems and addiction is just a barrier to success.

Addiction is designed to weed the successful from the unsuccessful. The average from the hard workers.

Do not fall into mediocrity, my friends. Ascend past that and shoot past your dreams.

Dream Big.