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So your high five got rejected and you don’t really know what to do? Am I right?

This is can be quite a problem because when it comes to high fives, you just got disrespected.

What this means is that the other person who just rejected your high five pretty much just got you good and if you don’t know what to do in this kind of situation, you will be subjected to the embarrassment of a failed high five.

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The last thing you want is that awkward moment where your hand is in the air, and everyone is laughing at you because you just got tricked into a false high five.

Don’t worry though, I’m a really awesome person with a whole lotta awesome experience and because of that, imma help you take your high-five-game to the next level so that you never have to face the embarrassment of a failed high five.

Let’s get right into it.

How Can a Highfive Ever go Wrong?

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The Party: You’re at a party with some friends and then your old pal Patrick happens to spot you at the punch bowl. He says yo man, whats good and then he reaches up to give you the high five.

Then while you’re in the process of the high five, he removes his hand from the process, leaving you: hanging.

The Library: You’re in a library and some random people recognize you from online. They go “hey aren’t you that person from the blog channel” and go to give you the high five.

While in the process they juke you and leave you for dead while your hand remains in the air, in utter defeat.

The Sport: After a good sports match where you absolutely destroyed the other player, you both go to give a handshake and then in the nick of time, he abandoned the high five. Just like that, you lost your honor.

Don’t let this be you.

All these tragic moments are completely preventable but you have to be smart about preventing them from happening in the first place.

Luckily for you, I have devised ways to never have to face a failed high five ever again.

If you do it right, you will always come out the champion of anyone who tries to challenge your greatness by juking you in a high five.

How to Counter a Failed High Five (Without Losing Your Greatness)

Option #1: Run Away

man running away from highfive realmanpop therealmanpop

There is no shame in running away, just make sure that if you do this option, you run fast enough so that by the time he fully retracts his hand from the high five, you are out of the room.

Running away may be the safest option if you don’t want to start a fight.

Just don’t say a word and RUN.

Option #2: Confront Him and Ask Why he Did That

This option will gain you mad respect and is super bold as hell. Trust me, if you’re going to do this one, no matter what you will boost your respectability by leagues.

Few men are able to confront the other man about the problem. By doing this, you show that you are not one who should be messed with and that all other challengers should stay out of your way.

Option #3: Throw Some Hands

man jumping about to kick because he did not get a high five boxing realmanpop therealmanpop

Throw some hands man. Hit em with an uppercut and then go full on Kung Fu Panda 2 on that guy.

Option #4: Be Faster Than Lighting

You have to embrace the Muhammad Ali mentality if you’re going to do this one.

While the other person is retracting his hand, trying to escape from the high five you blitz your hand forward and land the high five. This is a solid way to assure high five victories, leaving you victorious as a champion.

Option #5: Whip and NaeNae

Your hand will be in the air most likely while he is retracting his hand away from the high-five area. In the nick of time, you gotta form a fist with your hand and raise your left leg, assuming that you were giving the high five with the right hand.

From here I want you to lean back and then with the force of greatness, slam your foot down and go for the whip. Naenae afterwords to show your opponent that he is truly left in utter defeat.


What to Not do When Countering a Failed High Five (You Will Bring Great Shame)


Crying would be super bad so try to not cry.

A real man never cries. He weeps. ~ Micah Terhune


Pretending to stretch is practically admitting defeat. By doing this, you show to the world: “I got no original ideas, and I just lost a high five.”

Reach For Something

Never ever reach for something when there is nothing to reach for. Even if there is don’t do it. It’s obvious that you were trying to give a high five, so you’re better off just admitting defeat if you’re going to do this.

Reach For the Stars

Reach for the stars wasn’t meant to be taken literal so don’t start reaching for the stars when you fail a high five!

Do Nothing

Just as bad as “laughing it off” don’t even get me started.

Laugh it Off

man laughing off a failed high five old man realmanpop therealmanpop

You think that this is funny? That this is some kinda joke?

You just got your butt handed to you the moment you start laughing off a failed high five. Never ever laugh off a high five because this looks passive and super beta.

Beleive me, there are few things in life more shameful than a failed high five but with the actual fire tips that I gave you, I should have saved you from lots of future embarrassment.

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