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I used to live next to a good friend named Kobe.

Awesome guy, really but the thing was that Kobe had a shower sorta problem you see.

Man would take showers in the night and not the morning and because of that, this man was absolutely suffering.

His grades were dropping, his girl left him, and probably woulda ended up homeless, had I, Jeremy George not found Kobe and resurrected him from defeat.

I told him the good news of taking a morning shower and his life was completely changed.

Don’t worry, imma tell you exactly how morning showers changed his life and took his life to another level.

1. You won’t be all sweaty and nasty from sleeping

Nasty people are usually nasty because of two reasons:

#1 They are not taking advantage of the RealManPop

#2 They are not taking showers in the morning

By not taking a shower in the morning you allow yourself to collect all the sweat and marinade in your own body oder over night.

Pretty nasty.

When you take a shower, you wash away all the sweat that collected overnight, so you are as clean as can be when going to wherever you gotta go that morning

2. You’ll be able to style your hair with ease

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Everyone who has ever touched their head knows that styling your hair can be hard when you don’t got water to work with.

By styling your hair right after you get out of the shower, not only are you able to kill two bird with one stone, but your life instantly becomes more easier.

You feel more equipped to take out your day because your hair is clean and so are you bc you took a shower in the morning.

3. Keeps You Lookin fresh

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No one wants to hang out with a guy who stinks. Your friends will avoid you, and literally everyone will run away.

If you don’t want people running away and dying, I suggest you take care of your scent first thing in the morning.

Take a shower in the morning and you’ll be smelling as fresh as possible because you showered immediately before you left the house.

4. Eliminate Bedhead Completely

When you sleep an entire night, your hair on the top of your head begins to become flat on the side that you slept on.

Just do yourself a favor and avoid the entire bedhead look by showering in the morning.

Splashing some water on your head will not take away an entire flat head of bed head. That requires you to get in the shower.

5. Gotta lotta Energy

silver shower head pouring out water to clean

Believe me on this one, your productivity will soar to new heights when you take a shower. This is a given fact by anyone who has ever taken a shower.

The best time to be productive is in the morning when your going to start your day. Not in the night when you’re about to end it.

Stop wasting nature’s Monster Energy Drink and use it to your advantage.