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So let me get this straight with y’all.

I believe that your eyebrows should be plural as in two at all times.

You should not have a unibrow under any circumstances unless your going to some kind of unibrow convention. Then I suppose it would be okay….

Unless your going to that convention, you must have 2 eyebrows. NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS.

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Now that we got that out of the way, it’s crucial that I tell you exactly what not to do when expelling the unibrow.

1. Never Ever, under any circumstances, shave your unibrow off

This is actually a traumatic event. I am truly sorry for anyone who has ever shaved there unibrow off.

Never ever shave your unibrow because what ends up happening is the hair grows back literally as long stubble.

No joke on this one, what happens is you got stubble between your brows and that will not feel or look good whatsoever.

2. Never Use Some Strange Hair Removing Product

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One wrong move; one slip up, and you lost and eyebrow.

I mean think about that for a second here.

Imagine your applying that Walmart cream to remove your unibrow and then you sneeze and all the hair removing product flies on the top of your head.

You’ll be looking like an old man.

What if it attacks your hairline, or your eyelashes?

Then you don’t have eyelashes anymore.

Here is how to get rid of a unibrow:

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1. Buy a pair of quality tweezers

You’re going to have to let go of some of your pride and get some of these things. Unless you want to look like Squiliam Fancy Pants from Spongebob

2.  Put your index finger exactly between your eyebrows, right over your nose

This is the perfect distance for what we are about to do. Remember exactly where your index finger was.

3. Remove all hair under your index finger

It’s really as simple as that. Your index finger is the perfect guide for removing your unibrow.

You’re not going to want to really do anything else to your eyebrows.

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Women do their entire eyebrows, men only take care of the unibrow. If you try to tamper with the rest of your eyebrow, especially if you don’t know what your doing, it will look very weird.

Thats it really. Now you can confront the world unibrow free, looking super fly without an animal above your eyeballs.

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