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You’ve probably been thinking for the past few days “what’s wrong with my face?” as you’ve been suffering from common ugliness. I think I know what’s wrong though.

So let’s get this straight. There is something wrong with your face and that’s why you clicked on this, and that’s probably why you’re asking yourself ‘what’s wrong with my face’.

Don’t worry though, we’re going to fix your face ASAP.

1. Your Acne Face is Probably Bc of Your Diet

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You are what you eat so if you’re eating all that crap food you’re gonna look like crap.

The key to an awesome face is awesome diet.

What you’re gonna want to do, is load up on the vegetables and lower the salt content in the meats.

You want to stop every morning asking yourself “what’s wrong with my face?” Then make sure you listen closely because here’s what you’re going to have to eliminate from your diet right now.

  • Crappy carbs like white bread, and all that junk
  • All those crazy sugar filled desserts
  • Stop eating all that dairy. Give it a rest.

2. Washing Your Face a Lot (to get rid of acne)

Believe me, if you’re washing your face twice a day, your skin is gonna double the oil production and your face will look like you swam through McDonalds french-fries.

I personally had really bad acne and washed my face but it got super oily.

Instead, just leave it alone and let it be. Diet is key for acne. ESPECIALLY WATER.

3. Skipping on the Hydration

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Water literally is crazy important for not only your face but your body.

You’re made of like 80% water right? Then why are you eating 80% your weight in McDonald’s?

Look at all these benefits, I ain’t lying.

  • Makes you smarter
  • Keeps your breath fresh
  • Improves your skin
  • Flush toxin

Like, come on.

4. Loading up on Salt

Salt = bloating which you don’t want so don’t do it.

5. Chugging Sugar

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Sugar = acne/hyperness, and you don’t want to be hyper, you wanna be chill.

6. Eating ONLY Meat

steak, fries, restaurant food unhealthy really bad for face, what's wrong with my face , realmanpop, therealmanpop

If your only eating meat, you skip on all the benefits of vegetables. Seriously.

Benefits @Number7

7. Not Eating the Greens

Benefits of Eating Vegetables

  • Smarter
  • Big brain
  • Popeye the sailor man muscles
  • Awesome face

You are what you eat. Remember that.

8. No Smile = Sad Face

When I was little I went to McDonald’s and asked for a sad meal. They said they don’t got it.

If you’re always looking down, no ones gonna got you like McDonald’s and you’ll feel really sad.

Pro-tip: bite on a pencil for 30 seconds for insta smile.

9. You’re Not Taking Care of All Your Skin Like You Should

You’re skin is very important. You spend most of your day inside it and you eat with it. You’re skin is what everyone is seeing every day and you will keep it longer than your clothes.

If all this is true than why on earth are you not taking care of your skin?

Do you not love yourself? Do you not care for your own well-being? No, this is not the way. If you want to improve your skin, you must make sure that you are not messing your skin up with common mistakes.

I made an article earlier about the six common skin wrecking mistakes that most people are making and I highly recommend that you go check that out by clicking here.


Now if you follow all these incredible tips that I, Jeremy George gave you, you’re going to have an absolute killer face that dominates that face game and you won’t ever have to ask yourself again “what’s wrong with my face?”, I guarantee.

Now that you know all these common mistakes that people make when taking care of their skin, I highly suggest that you click here to check out the habits of attractive men. Learning is crucial to success in anything so trust me.

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