Essential skills 10 skills every man should master realmanpop therealmanpop

Got time but no talent? Skills will change that.

With skills, you can improve your life and work on bettering and developing yourself. That’s why today gents, I have compiled the skills that every man needs to be a step ahead of the game. Your welcome.

1. Know how to Make That Sunday Omelet

yellow omelet with vegetables made with cooking skills

It’s Sunday, and you and that spicy senorita are mad hungry. I guess you can eat the leftovers from yesterday orrr… you can be the real man with your cooking skill.

Just know how to cook a basic egg and you should be good.

2. Get Some Kinda Instrument

man playing electric guitar with his instrument skills

Instruments are the language of love. You play it and jaws drop, you feel incredible and accomplished, and you can make serious cash of this one.

If you know how to play an instrument, teachers can make even $40 an hour.

By far one of the greatest, most rewarding hobbies that every guy should master. No excuses for the real man.

3. Master the Razor

shaving blades showing shaving skills

There you are, it’s a Monday morning and you’re going to shave. One, two… boom, your left eyebrow is GONE.

High-quality razor for a clean cut, and a decent aftershave to prevent flakey dry skin after shaving.

4. Gotta Know how to Dress

asian man sitting against the wall in black clothes style with watch realmanpop therealmanpop well dressed

I promise you, this might seem intimidating to a lot of guys but it’s really not.

It’s not about the money, it’s about fit and color combinations. Get those two right and you will be set for life.

We actually got a blog post on essential clothes so check that out here.

6 Essential Clothes All Men Should Have

5. Conquer Time

You’ve probably never tried it but I want you to map your time out, for the week. Know where your hours are going. That way, you can reinvest them where they need to be.

6. Know at Least Some Kinda Dance Move

*Warning* Censored 1 F-word in the video below. Focus on the dance moves, not the words.

Anything. Anything at all would totally work. Just at least know something for the dance floor.

7. Some Kind of Self Defense

man fighting other man with his fight skills

Your girl and you were walking in a shady alley and then a crazy man comes out trying to kill you. You could either…

  1. call the cops and run away (but probably still get killed by the crazy man)
  2. try to fight street style and get killed
  3. beat him up with some martial arts and come out hero


8. A Neat Party Trick Would Be Quite Nice

You will be the life of the party! Like, come on. Who doesn’t like the guy who can breathe fire from his mouth? Keep the skill simple and you should be good.

9. Table Manners! Don’t be Nasty

Make sure you’re not going to the fancy dinners, ordering the steaks dry and doing everything nasty. Just know some basics so you’re looking classy at all times.

10. Conversation Skills

man talking to woman well dressed having conversation realmanpop therealmanpop using his conversation skills

Want that girl? Conversation skills. How about that promotion? Negotiation skills. Friends?

You get the point. Conversation is crucial to improving your social life and building that networking. Luckily, a conversation is something that you can develop so don’t feel like trash if you suck at it.


The beauty of all these skills is that you can improve on them. None of them are set in stone. If you have free time in your day or you are wasting time, build these skills, because they will improve your life as a man, in awesome ways.