Chances are you are one of the other 99.9% of men who want to look more attractive.

I get that, and that’s why today we’re going over 7 Daily Habits to Look Attractive.

water droplet bouncing, water

1. Drinking Water in the Morning

Your tired in the morning, I’m tired in the morning, so what do you do? You drink ice water.

Not only will the water wake you up but it will hydrate you, giving you some key improvements:

  • Nice skin
  • Improve your stank breath
  • Wake you up
  • And over +50 benefits that I didn’t mention yet

shower head pouring out water, silver, heigine

2. Shampoo Less, Condition Daily

Shampoo too much and it’ll be snowing wherever you go because you got that dandruff. Don’t get the dandruff.

The water will wash out all the junk in your hair and the conditioner will make it feel super nice

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man sitting up straight with good posture dressed in black, looking attractive with his posture

3. Having INCREDIBLE Posture

Incredible posture is key to your success.

If your slouching, people will think your sloppy and lazy. If your sitting up straight however, you’ll be instantly thought higher of.

Luckily for you, we teach posture in our blog “8 Essential Principals to Have INCREDIBLE Posture” so make sure you check that out.

8 Essential Principals to Have INCREDIBLE Posture

statue of head with hair, to show potential hair product to improve attractiveness

4. Trying a Hair Product

Many guys stay away from this or their whole life they’ve only known about gel.

There is a whole world out there of pastes, clays, pomades, try them out for hair texture that makes all the women wild.

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washing machine to wash clothes, look clean and attractive

5. Actually Washing Your Clothes

Not washing your clothes is actually disgusting but so many people do it.

Not all your clothes need to be washed immediately, if I remember correctly jeans can go for a week or two, but you don’t want your clothes to be stinking.

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old spice deodorant to make you more attractive and smell good

6. Wear Deodorant That Actually Works

You pull out a seat next to your girl at the movies. You try to put your arm around her because you think your so slick and then…

SHE MELTED because you Stink!

Get a deodorant that works, if you can’t find any, I’ll show you the one that kept me fresh over the years.

The Deodorant that Kept Jeremy George Fresh Throughout The Years

mouthwash to improve attractiveness with fresh breath

7. Use a Mouthwash

Fresh underarms, fresh breath, both should be fresh.

I urge you guys to use mouthwash if nothing else is working or if you just wanna be a fresh person in general, I get that.