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Improving your conversation can be quite the tricky thing to do. It’s a skill that you gotta build but with the right advice, you will be able to captivate anyone and anything in your conversation.

Gentlemen, we are going over the top 19 tips to always have that poppin’ convo that you dream of.


19 SOLID Tips for Conversation

1. Body Posture

Open receiving body posture

You communicate everything with body posture so DON’T think your gonna slouch your way to success. You wanna get that girl? Sit up straight. You want to be respected? Stand tall and proud, like a man.


2. Face Expression

manly face expression

Vary your expression to better communicate the emotions of the story. This can especially mean exaggerating your expressions to make the convo more interesting.

3. Hand Motions

open hand gesture

Using your hand motions to the full level will make your story more interesting and more understandable because it provides a visual for whats going on.

4. Do New Things

New things

You can’t have a convo if there is nothing to convo about! Go out there and try new things. Having a couple side things will open your range of knowledge, just don’t spread yourself out too much.

5. Talk to New People

many people walking

Talk to bus people, school people, work people, street people. Talk to all the people and you will gain confidence and experience.

6. Go to New Places

Place to add variety to conversation

I’ve been all around the world and boy, lemme tell you. I’ve gotten pretty street smart from all that. In fact because of all my travel, I got a lot to say.

The world is a big place. If you’re staying in your house all day, you’re not living. 🙂

7. Join Clubs

group of people, clubs

Get involved in clubs that you like. Not only will you meet new people but you’ll once again gain more stuff to add to your conversation arsenal.

8. Join a Sport

sport balls

Picking up a sport may seem like it’s not related to convo at all. That’s where you’re wrong.

When you play sports you understand sports and if you understand sports you can venture into uncharted conversation territory.

9. Watch the News

You probably have no idea whats going on in the world right now except for what you’re hearing on Buzzfeed and Snapchat.

Get on some REAL news and grow your knowledge.

10. Keep up with Sports

ESPN logo

Keeping up with sports will let you into the sports conversations.

Sport is a big thing and if you don’t watch sports, you’re missing out on a lot. Casually watch it and keep updated.

11. Make Manly Eye Contact

Man with manly eye contact

Eye contact shows the other person that you’re listening and it shows your dominance.

Look the other person in the eye in a friendly way (not crazy staring) and look away occasionally to keep it casual.

12. Use Light Touch

Light contact building relationships

Handshakes, high fives, slap on the back, light touch shows friendliness and communicates confidence.

You know the movie actor that plays Thor? He does this.

13. Ask Questions

Ask questions to learn about the other person. One amazing advice I got today came from my friend Jackson: you don’t want to do all the talking, ask enough to get them talking.

14. Tell Stories

Book to show point of telling stories in conversation

This is a method of conversation, just overexaggerate everything and talk really slow, you’ll get by.

15. Vary Your Voice

Exaggerated example of voice inflection

Voice inflection is so crazy important when it comes to keeping peoples attention so don’t forget it. Just make sure you don’t get carried away or you’ll come off as hyper.

16. Talk Slowly

Talking slowly combined with voice inflection makes for an awesome story/convo. Talk slow and you’re words will carry weight and people will listen to them.

In fact, we actually got tips on how to play it cool right below.

Why You’re Annoying. How to Be Wanted.

17. Don’t Overthink It

Man frustrated because he's overthinking the conversation

While 19 tips is a lot to swallow, don’t think too much about it. Conversations are fun and natural so just let it happen.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, the world has over 7 billion people to make mistakes on.

18. Talk about People’s good Qualities

Telling people they're good qualities

This will make people listen to you and will boost your rep and role model appearance. If you’re not making the people around you better, your doing something wrong.         

19. Limit/Stop Swearing

Losers swearing rapidly in the conversation

I know we all have bad habits, this may be yours. Don’t be a potty mouth because you’ll come off as immature and unimportant.

You may catch ears with your dirty words short term but no one will listen to you in the long term.

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