You’re probably annoying and you want to stop being annoying, or maybe you just want to improve yourself. Whatever the reason may be, annoying is a word that can really kill your self-esteem.

I, however, am proud of you for one thing: you’re seeking to improve yourself.

People may think your annoying for multiple reasons and they could be thinking this because they themselves have low self-esteem but this is usually not the case.

First of all, people who think you are annoying are screwed up in the head and you should ditch them.

They’ll come crawling back to you when you leave them because you sir are amazing.

You probably ignored that part where I said your amazing because you want to impress these people who call you annoying.

You want to be valued by your enemies and this is the mentality that will ultimately lead to your defeat.



You’re Annoying Because You Won’t Stop Talking

Like I said before, you seek validation from your peers and I don’t blame you. Humans are social beings and we all to some degree strive to be seen as incredible people by everyone.

Let’s say that you are with your friends and you make a comment.

Your friends did not see value in your comment and ignore you or even make you feel uncomfortable. Did this damage your rep?

Yes, a little so what you decide to do is keep talking random junk hoping that you end up saying something they like.

This insecurity of yours is costing you the whole battle because now you just said a bunch of junk that had no deep meaning or purpose and they’re really not going to listen to you.

How to Fix: Stop talking so much!

I know this can be hard, you made a fool of yourself in front of the people you respect.

If you really want to fix your mistake, put on some confidence even if it’s not real and play it cool because the person won’t even remember your mistake in a day or two.

Grow your confidence so you don’t worry about your conversation mistake, don’t try to fix your past mistakes, focus on the future.

25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence


You’re Annoying Because You’re Not Being Relevant

One of the biggest mistakes people are making is they’re saying random junk in the heat of the moment or just in general because they’ve gotten so used to it.

How to Fix: Say Valuable Stuff

If you’re going to talk, make sure that it has some relevance in the moment. Don’t just talk because you can.

Talk because what you’re about to say is going to positively change the lives of the people around you.

This will make people listen to you when you talk because they know: “Hey, Dillon’s about to say something relevant, I should listen”.

This rule isn’t something you should always stick to, think of it as a guideline for when you talk



You’re Annoying Because You’re too Crazy!

Oh no! Almost nobody likes that one guy who says the most random things that aren’t funny.

If some random thing comes on and you put on your weird accent and made some weird jokes, I can almost assure you that you just turned off every girl in the room.

Don’t give people cold shivers down their spines at your weirdness!

How to Fix: Control your Spontaneous Personality

Everyone is crazy to some extent, that is what makes us individuals but don’t let all your craziness out.

Once you start acting absolutely wild, people think that you have no self-control and people lose respect for you.

There is a fine line between crazy/weird and boring, and it’s called interesting.

Make sure your Goldilox on this one and choose the one in-between.



  1. You Won’t Stop Talking
  2. Your talking irrelevant junk
  3. You’re not controlling your Spontaneousness

Of course, there are more reasons to why people may not like you but these are three big ones that pretty much everybody can agree on.

My Homeboys, listen up. I don’t want these people who may or do think your annoying bringing you down.

End of the day, these dudes are losers and you need to kick them to the curb.

Develop yourself and follow the steps above and I promise that you will be ahead of the game by far and you’ll have crowds of people crawling to you wanting to be like YOU! 

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