Books can and will expand your knowledge, you’ve just never given them a shot tho.

Reading! Gross.. am I right? No, I am wrong because reading will change your life!

Listen up boys because I’m about to tell you exactly why reading will completely turn your life around and make you a superhuman.


1. Opens your Perspectives

Guys, how many times a day do we think about things? The answer is LOTS of times but sometimes we don’t always have the answer.

This is true to every human in existence, and most of the time the answer to those questions are out there waiting to be uncovered.

Books are the bridge between you and the giant amount of private knowledge that is out there. Imagine having a superior knowledge of relationships, instruments, math, social skills, and essentially anything. Think about how much doors that would open up for you. Exactly.

Books allow you to answer questions in more ways than your own and allows you to choose the best option possible for tricky situations making you the real man.


2. Strengthens your Brain

Books shine light into that dark cavern you call a brain. When you read books, first of all, your memory is sharp like a ninja’s sword and this allows you to succeed in school/work life, and other areas, also improving your mental health and wellbeing.

You could imagine yourself working out to get six pack so why not work out to get your brain a six pack? Books are practically college lectures for a fraction of a fraction of the price.


3. Gives you Deep Knowledge

There are some things that people or youtube or practically anyone can’t teach you that a book can and the reason because of this is time.

Everyone’s time is running out, I mean look at your clock, it’s still ticking hopefully and if it is, you know that your time is running out.

People don’t have time to give hundreds of pages of knowledge one classroom at a time so that’s why we have books. If you want to truly expand your knowledge on a topic beyond anyone else, pick up a book and that topic


4. Superior to any Other Learning Platform

Khan Academy, Youtube, Doulingo, you name it and I promise you that none can compare to the insane teachings of a book. Books go into great detail on topics more than any other thing out there does.

Why do you think Elon Musk, Patrick Bet David and so many other people advice reading books?

I mean Patrick Bet David has read over a thousand books in his lifetime and look where that got him! Learn from the greats to achieve the great.


5. Vastly Improves Writing Skills

We weren’t all born incredible writers, and I definitely fell into this category at the bottom. I remember when I was in elementary school and the teachers would be puzzled at how bad my writing skills were.

Books completely changed this. By reading books, you improve the way that you write.


6. Improves Performance in General

Is school a waste of time? Debatable… Is reading a waste of time? Certainly not.

When you read, your brain gets stronger, your IQ is raised and you become a better person than you were 10 pages ago or 10 books ago.

If you want to truly unlock your full potential in life, read your heart out and see it payback as one of the greatest return investments you will ever see in your life.


Recommended Life Changing Books

The two following books that I am about to recommend come from the author and entrepreneur Patrick Bet David.

If you are in a hard time in your life right now, or even if you just want personal development, buy these books, trust me these are some of the greatest books of all time.


Doing The Impossible: The 25 Laws for Doing The Impossible:

The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages:

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